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Premium Cakes & Cupcakes

Key Lime Pleasure - A citrus pleasure your taste buds will crave. Pure citrus goodness are baked in these fresh layers topped with a yummy buttercream and garnished with fresh lime zest.. Our signature cake. 


Red Royalty (Red Velvet) - A delicious buttermilk cake with a hint of cocoa that this beauty is known for. Topped with a yummy buttercream and garnished with red velvet crumbles.

Chocolate Silk Deluxe - A triple chocolate lovers' dream. Rich cocoa cake baked to perfection, filled with our dark chocolate ganache and frosted with a yummy chocolate buttercream. 

Crunchy Strawberry - Butter Lovers cake filled with a strawberry filling and topped with fresh whipped cream and a vanilla and strawberry crunch, just like the ice creams we ate as children.

Cocoa Mocha Joy - Moist coffee flavor is bursting inside of these chocolate espresso layers topped with an espresso buttercream for a coffee lover's dream. 

Nana’s Banana Puddin’ - Butter cake filled with homemade vanilla pudding from our Nana filled with chopped bananas (if desired) and topped with our fresh whipped cream. The pudding makes this dessert!

Strawberry Succulence - Pureed strawberries are folded into the batter to make this luxurious strawberry cake simply delicious. Topped with a strawberry buttercream. 

Citrus Smile - A burst of moistness and goodness with a citrus lemon taste, topped with our light and fluffy lemon buttercream. 

DOUBLE CAKE: Nana's Banana Puddin' & Crunchy Strawberry - Half of each of the cakes listed above. If you want two cakes in one, this is the cake to go for!

Cotton Candy Fantasy - A fun taste that reminds you of your favorite day at the fair. Cotton candy flavored layers ribboned with colorful brightness. Spread with a cotton candy buttercream. 

Brown Velvet Delight Pound - Devour this tender pound cake with chocolate ganache topped and soaked into each slice.

24 Carrot - One of our best sellers, this is filled with shredded fresh carrots and our special spices blend, topped with our Cream Cheese flavored buttercream to make anyone's day.

Almond Vanilla Velvet - tender and smooth-tasting like red velvet, but without the red coloring, this is one of our most pleasant-tasting, almond-flavored cakes ever! Try it with our strawberry frosting for a euphoric experience! 


Caramel Bliss - The old school caramel cake that all southerners love. Rich butter vanilla cake topped with a caramel icing you won’t forget.


Sparkling White Cranberry (sold from November-December only) - Our fall/winter holiday edition, white butter cake filled with juicy cranberries, covered in white chocolate buttercream and garnished with crystallized cranberries.

Peach Pleasers (sold in the summer months only) - Juicy summer Georgia peaches and spices are baked into this marvelous butter cake.

It almost tastes like peach cobbler!


Standard Cakes & Cupcakes


Butter Lovers - Love and butter made just like mother.

A moist golden butter cake lathered in our silky chocolate buttercream. Each bite will take you back to your childhood. 

Chocolate Silk - A chocolate lovers dream. Rich cocoa baked to perfection and frosted with a yummy chocolate buttercream. 

The Gateway- Moist layers of rich white cake sweetened with all natural vanilla topped with a vanilla buttercream for a classic taste that everyone will love. 

Grandpa’s Pound - One of our most tastiest cakes, enhanced with vanilla and a hint of lemon, made just the way Grandpa taught us.

Cookies and Bars


Double Chocolate Smooches - All natural fresh cookies baked dark and milk chocolate chips (can make these with white chocolate chips and add nuts too!).

Buttermilk  Blossoms - A family favorite, a delicious, soft butter cookie bursting with traditional buttermilk flavor. 

Lisa's Snicks (our snickerdoodle cookies) - a light, airy cookie topped with cinnamon, sugar & nutmeg

Peanut Butter Sweethearts - Our mom’s favorite! Classic peanut butter taste baked fresh into our delicious homemade cookies. (Give us your choice of creamy or crunchy peanut butter when ordering).

Ginger Sammies (Sold in December only) - Moist and spiced soft gingerbread cookies filled with a fresh eggnog or vanilla whipped frostings sure to get you in the holiday spirit.

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Caramel Spice Apple Bars - Sugar and spice baked apple bars combined with succulent caramel.

Brownies - we sell triple chocolate flavor for now. More coming soon!

Blondies - a butter caramel flavored sweet bar to satisfy any sweet craving. Ask for different filling or toppings such as nuts, caramel, or candy bar bits!

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